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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Joanna Barnes (Co-Chair)

A Courtauld Institute of Art graduate, Joanna worked at the Heim Gallery (London) Ltd., becoming the Director of the Sculpture Department. In 1987, she set up Joanna Barnes Fine Arts, exhibitions she organised include ‘Pre-Raphaelite Sculpture: Nature and Imagination in British Sculpture 1848-1914’, ‘Leighton and his sculptural legacy’ and ‘Ettore Ferrari, 1845-1929 : terracottas and drawings for civic and funerary monuments’. She curated the exhibition ‘Arthur Fleischmann: a centennial celebration’ at the Mestke Múzeum in Bratislava in 1996 and helped establish the Arthur Fleischmann Museum there in 2002. A former trustee of the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, Joanna was editor of its online magazine, 3rd Dimension and co-founder of the Sculpture Journal. With Holly Trusted and Mark Stocker, she is co-founder of the PSSA.

Dr Holly Trusted FSA (Co-Chair)

Holly (formerly Marjorie Trusted) is a graduate of Cambridge University and the Courtauld Institute of Art. Previously Senior Curator of Sculpture and Senior Honorary Research Fellow at the Victoria and Albert Museum, she is currently Senior Fellow at Durham University and Honorary Fellow at the University of Glasgow. She was the founding editor of the Sculpture Journal, and has lectured and published widely on sculpture, including British Sculpture 1470-2000 (2002), The Arts of Spain. Iberia and Latin America 1450-1700 (2007), The Making of Sculpture (2007), Baroque and Later Ivories (2013), The Cast Courts (2018) and Baroque Sculpture in Germany and Central Europe (2022). She is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. With Joanna Barnes and Mark Stocker, she is co-founder of the PSSA.

Dr Mark Stocker FSA (Deputy Chair)

Mark is a semi-retired art historian living in New Zealand with teaching and museum experience dating back 35 years. He has prolifically published especially on British and New Zealand public monuments and sculpture, Victorian art and coin and medal design, and is also an Art Deco enthusiast. With Joanna Barnes and Holly Trusted, he established the PSSA in 2020.

Martin Israel FCA (Treasurer)

Martin is a practising Chartered Accountant. He was a partner in several leading accountancy firms for over 30 years, until he retired in 2018. He now advises a variety of charities, where he combines his general financial ability with his knowledge of charity management and accounting. As a Senior Equity Partner, he was part of the management team and therefore involved in his firm’s internal business management, forecasting and accounting. In his voluntary work, he has been involved with several charities for many years, including the PMSA, for whom he was Treasurer for over 20 years until 2018 - ensuring proper financial control and involvement with several grant applications, including a large one from the Heritage Lottery Fund.