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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

The Unusual Suspects: Investigating less familiar sculptural materials from the 17th century onwards

The Public Statues and Sculpture Association is hosting a webinar to take place online 28-30 January
2022. Papers will embrace a range of sculptural materials from the seventeenth century up to the
present. We welcome submissions from all those with a serious interest in sculptural materials,
including art historians, sculptors, conservators and students.

The webinar will have an art-historical focus but will examine the nature of these materials and their
technologies to gain a good understanding of their properties: their potential and their limitations.

Materials discussed might include metals, such as iron, aluminium, steel, zinc, lead, copper
electroforms; stone-based works for example in ciment fondu, concrete and brick, or composite
substances such as Jesmonite; or glass, and plastics, such as bakelite, resins and acrylic.

Topics might explore for example:
– the development of the use of these materials.
– the ways in which developments in technology have affected their use in sculpture.
– the contrasting ways these materials have been explored and used by different artists.
– the context of the use of these materials: how the social, political and economic landscape may
have affected the materials used for sculpture in a given period.

Please send submissions in the form of a brief abstract of your talk (approx. 150 words) and a short
C.V. (about 100 words) to The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 15
December 2021.

Image credits:
Top left to right: John Bell, Eagle Slayer, cast iron (Coalbrookdale Co.), National Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green, London. Photo: Rupert Harris Conservation Ltd.; Rodney Harris,Toaster, brick; John Cheere, Winter, lead, private coll. Photo: Rupert Harris Conservation Ltd.
Bottom left to right: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, Dinosaur, cement, Crystal Palace Park, Bromley; Gabriele Beveridge, Odd Mercy glass & acrylic sheet; George Blackall Simonds, Memorial to Those Who Fell in the Afghan Campaign 1879-1880 known as The Maiwand Lion, cast iron, Forbury Gardens, Reading, Berks.


Event information

The Unusual Suspects:

Investigating less familiar sculptural
materials from the 17th century onwards

Online webinar 28-30 January 2022


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