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Diana Dors

Photo: Brian Robert Marshall Wikimedia Commons

Sculptor: John Clinch (1934-2001)

Materials: Bronze

Dimensions: h. approx 2.14m

Unveiled: Friday 14 June 1991 by film producer, David Puttnam

Diana Dors

Diana Dors, born Diana Mary Fluck (1931–1984), film and television actress and singer. Dors was born in Old Town, Swindon and spent her early childhood there. The statue, entitled ‘Diana Dors – Film Star’ depicts her in a slinky evening gown and stole as she appeared when starring on the silver screen in the 1956 crime drama Yield To The Night. The statue was commissioned by Thamesdown (now Swindon) Borough Council through the Percent for Art Policy and was funded by Carter Commercial Developments.

Location: Shaw Ridge Leisure Park, Swindon, Wiltshire.