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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

PSSA Members’ Tributes

Patrick, Lord Cormack, DL, FSA



Extremely sad news. Patrick, the  Lord Cormack  was a man of the calibre that seems to be  lacking today.  He had the integrity and straightforwardness that politicians had when I was growing up.  They had all  been in the war and knew what hardship meant.

I always liked and respected Patrick even though he was right of centre and I am more towards the left, because he took the trouble to thoughtfully answer a letter I had written to him some years ago now when he was still an MP and quite recently he went on to  be remarkably supportive  towards a proposed War Memorial of mine for Weymouth. Inviting me to join him for coffee at the House of Lords to talk about it and even writing to the Australian High Commissioner on my behalf. There just aren’t enough men like him .
Michael Sandle RA


As husband of Jo Darke I was close to the early years of the PMSA as it grew from a small group of committed enthusiasts to an institution with national weight and momentum. Patrick Cormack, as he was then, was one of the key people whose support moved the PMSA into the mainstream, and he was unhesitating in his commitment to our work. Not only did he play his due part in consultations and strategic planning, he was a warm personal supporter of Jo in her later ill-health, a kindness which she greatly valued.
Dr Richard Pearce


 I never met Patrick Cormack but we knew of each other – he was keen to hear my History Reclaimed webinar about the avoidance of toppling statues not many weeks ago.  At very short notice he contributed an admirable foreword to Terry Cavanagh’s beautiful book on Kensington and Chelsea in the Public Sculpture of Britain series, which the PSSA now publishes. He was a Conservative in the best possible sense with his passionate commitment to heritage conservation and was by all accounts (including Justin Welby’s) a fine person through and through. RIP Lord Cormack, a life well lived. 
Dr Mark Stocker FSA

So sorry to hear of his passing. A gentleman with whom I had some dealings when he was an MP. Always kind and polite, but with high standards. A tireless campaigner for issues of arts and heritage. Sad loss indeed.
Hazel Armstrong


Condolences to Patrick’s family.
May his soul rest in peace.
Sokari Douglas Camp CBE