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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Friday 28 January

10.00 Welcome and introduction: Joanna Barnes, Leonie Summers and Holly Trusted

Session 1 Chair: Dr Holly Trusted FSA

10.15 An Introduction to Brick as a Material for Sculpture. A Brief History and Our Methods of Making Sculpture in Brick – Rodney Harris and Valda Jackson, Artists

10.35 ‘A Born Traitor’ Brick Sculptures by Per Kirkeby – Wouter Davidts, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning and the Department of Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies of Ghent University

10.55 Infinite Geometry – Rana Begum, Artist

11.05 Building Blocks – Lewis Davidson, Artist

11.15 Q&A, Panel discussion: Prof. Dr. Wouter Davidts, Rodney Harris, Valda Jackson and Lewis Davidson

11.30 Break

Session 2 Chair: Keith Taylor

11.45 The Spectacular Brief Life of Exsilite – Christopher Marsden, author

12.05 Concrete Thinking – Ally Rosenberg, Artist

12.15 Formless Concrete – Robert Cervera, Artist

12.30 Britains’s Next Top Roadman – Richie Culver, Artist

12.40 Q&A, Panel discussion: Robert Cervera, Richie Culver, Ally Rosenberg.

12.55 Lunch Break

Session 3 Chair: Joanna Barnes

13.30 The Secret Lives of Cement Sculptures from the Crystal Palace to Post-war Housing Estates and Beyond – Dr Dawn Pereira

13.45 Crystal Palace Dinosaurs: Damage to the Megalosaurus – Tom Bardwell, Senior Conservator, Taylor Pearce Restoration Services Ltd.

14.05 The Politics of Matter: Laszlo Péri’s ‘London Life in Concrete’ – Tobah Joy Auckland-Peck, PhD candidate at the City University of New York

14.25 Q&A, Panel discussion: Tobah Auckland-Peck, Tom Bardwell, Dr Dawn Pereira, Dr Philip Ward-Jackson and Peter Péri (Peter Laszlo Péri’s grandson)

14.45 Break

Session 4 Chair: Robert Wenley

15.00 Slip – Julia Crabtree, Artist

15.20 Presentation of work – Gabriele Beveridge, Artist

15.30 Looking-Glass – Lex Shute, Artist

15.40 Q&A, Panel discussion: Gabriele Beveridge, Julia Crabtree, Lex Shute.

16.00 End of first day


Saturday 29 January

10.30 Welcome and summary of first day: Joanna Barnes, Leonie Summers and Holly Trusted

Session 5 Chair: Dr Holly Trusted FSA

10.45 Cast Lead Sculpture Production in Continental Europe and England in the 17th and 18th Centuries – Rupert Harris, Rupert Harris Conservation Ltd.

11.25 Q&A

11.40 ‘Hardened by the vitrifying aid of fire’: but what exactly is Coade stone? – Caroline Stanford, Landmark Trust

12.00To make stone look like iron work, or wood like silk, or pottery like stone’: Some questions around industrially produced sculpture c. 1860 – Dr Philip Ward-Jackson

12.15 Q&A

12.30 Lunch Break

Session 6 Chair: Ann Compton

13.30 Notes on Aluminium: Alfred Gilbert, Eduardo Paolozzi and Alicja Kwade – Daniel Herrmann, Curator of Modern & Contemporary Projects, The National Gallery, London

13.50Why drive Nails into a Sculpture? An iconoclastic, empowering or aesthetic act? – John Mack, Professor of World Art Studies, University of East Anglia

14.15 Leaves of Iron – Jeff Thomson, Artist

14.30 Markets shift like sand – James Lomax, Artist

14.40 Q&A, Panel discussion Daniel Herrmann, Prof. John Mack, Jeff Thomson and James Lomax

15.00 Break

Session 7 Chair: Dr Holly Trusted FSA

15.15 Plasticine. A means to an end, never an end in itself – Katharine Eustace FSA

15.35 Parelmoerwerkers and Plasticity: Material Literacy in Early Modern Netherlandish Craft – Cynthia Kok, PhD candidate at Yale University

15.55 Q&A, Final discussion.

16.30 End of webinar




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Photo: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins (1807-1894), Megalosaurus, cement, in course of conservation, Crystal Palace Park, South London.

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