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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Allen David (1926–2014)

Painter, sculptor, photographer and gallery director. He was born in Bombay, but arrived in Melbourne, Australia, in 1948. After studying drawing and architecture at the University of Melbourne, he went on to direct the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Dalgety Street, St Kilda, Melbourne, 1958–60. In 1955 he had a one-man exhibition at the Melbourne Tourist Bureau, and in 1962 contributed photographs of Central Australian landscape to Sir Russell Drysdale’s book entitled Form, Colour, Grandeur. By the end of the 1960s David was in England, where he exhibited work at the Camden Art Centre and at the church of All Hallows, London Wall. In 1969 he was given the commission for the Glass Fountain for the Guildhall Piazza in the City of London. At some time in the following decades he moved to Israel, where he received commissions for public sculpture in Tel Aviv. He later became a member of the faculty of The New School in New York.

Bibliography: D. Buckman, Artists in Britain since 1945 (2 vols: A–L, M–Z), Bristol, 2006; M. Germaine, Artists and Galleries of Australia, Roseville, 1990; P. Ward-Jackson, Public Sculpture of the City of London, Liverpool, 2003, pp. xxix, 190–91, 458.

Philip Ward-Jackson, 2003; revised Terry Cavanagh, July 2024