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Jane (Jennie) Delahunt (1877–1954)

Sculptor. Born Jane H. Delahunt in Hanley, Staffordshire, the daughter of Charles Delahunt, an excise officer, she was a student at the Manchester Municipal School of Art. Around 1897–98 she won gold and silver medals in national competitions together with the Premier Princess of Wales Scholarship, the Lady Whitworth Scholarship and the Travelling Proctor Scholarship. By 1901 she was calling herself ‘Jennie’ and was living in Cheetham, Manchester. She exhibited twice at the Royal Academy, in 1908, with a statuette entitled Captive and in 1919 with Memorial Tablet; she also contributed to the Liverpool and Manchester Autumn Exhibitions. In 1911 she was living with Emily Langrish, a fellow art mistress in Lancaster, and working at the Municipal School of Art. Later she was an art teacher at the Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School and modelling mistress at the Lancaster Storey Institute School of Art. Her most important commission was the war memorial at Westfield War Memorial Village, Lancaster (unveiled 4 August 1926). She died in Cheltenham on 1 December 1954 leaving an estate of £6,215.

Bibliography: D.A. Cross, Public Sculpture of Lancashire and Cumbria, Liverpool, 2017, pp. xiii, 73–74; Mapping Sculpture.

David A. Cross, 2017