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Richard Reginald Goulden (1877–1932)

Born in Dover, Goulden studied at the Royal College. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1903 to 1932. Goulden became the art adviser to the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust. He produced bronze reliefs for the Carnegie Centre in Dunfermline (1901–05), a fountain with a statue of Ambition (1908), for the town’s Pittencrief Park, and a statue of Andrew Carnegie himself (1913–14), for the same park. In 1905, he carved a high-relief portrait of G.F. Watts for Aston Webb’s façade of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Shortly before the First World War, Goulden was commissioned to produce the Memorial to Margaret MacDonald, wife of Ramsay MacDonald, for Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London. This was inaugurated in 1914. On the outbreak of war Goulden enlisted in the Royal Engineers, but was invalided out in 1916. After the war he produced many war memorials, including those of the Bank of EnglandSt Michael CornhillKingston upon ThamesReigate and Crompton. Goulden was a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

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Philip Ward-Jackson 2003

Goulden, Richard Reginald

Richard Reginald Goulden
(photo: The Dover War Memorial Project)