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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Byron Howard (1935–2019)

Sculptor. Howard was born in Yorkshire, lived and had a studio in Thorne, and was self-taught. Working largely to commission, he produced portraits and figurative work that were often in bronze and highly expressive. His subject matter was frequently drawn from the performing arts, such as his busts of conductor and music director Sir John Barbirolli (Manchester Bridgewater Hall) and of the dancer Rudolf Nureyev. His work was shown at Patteson Fine Arts in the 1970s and also at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions. A retrospective of his work, largely from this period called ‘The Figure in Dance and his Other Damn Stuff’ was held at BrevonArt, Doncaster, in 2012. He also produced public memorials such as, in Yorkshire, the 1939–1945 War Memorial (1992), St Nicholas Church, Thorne, and the Miners’ Memorial (2010), St Mary’s Church, Stainforth, both of which demonstrate his interest in the expressive power of symbolism.

Principal source: the sculptor.

Bibliography: T’Arthead: ‘Made in Doncaster: Byron Howard’; D. White and E. Norman, Public Sculpture of Sheffield and South Yorkshire, Liverpool, 2015, pp. xxi, 254–555, 257–58; T. Wyke, Public Sculpture of Greater Manchester, Liverpool, 2004, pp. 47, 96–97.

Darcy White, 2015