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Penelope Jencks (b. 1936)

American sculptor and teacher, specialising in the representation of the naked figure in bronze or terracotta, often placed in expressive poses in a landscape setting. Born in Baltimore, she studied at Boston University, and the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and has taught at various colleges throughout the USA. In addition to her studio sculptures, she has also carried out several public commissions, including a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt in Riverside Park, New York. Her half-length bronze portrait of Maggie Keswick Jencks (1977) is in the grounds of Maggie’s Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Bibliography: Berta Walker Gallery – Penelope Jencks; R. McKenzie, Public Sculpture of Edinburgh (2 vols), Liverpool, 2018, vol. 2, p. 490; Prabook – Penelope Jencks.

Ray McKenzie 2018