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Nadim Karam (b. 1957)

Beirut-based artist, writer, architect and teacher, born in Senegal. He gained a BA in architecture at the American University of Beirut in 1982, and in 1985 and 1989 respectively, an MA in architecture and a doctorate at the University of Tokyo. He taught architectural design at the American University of Beirut, 1993–95 and 2003–04, and was Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Notre Dame University in Lebanon, 2000–03. In 1996 founded Atelier Hapsitus, a multi-disciplinary group of Lebanese architects and designers. He has had solo exhibitions, and participated in group exhibitions, worldwide. His book, Stretching Thoughts, was published in 2013. His permanent installation, The Travellers, on Sandridge Bridge, Melbourne, was commissioned by the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government in 2005. Karam describes his work as ‘an optimistic act of rebellion … an affirmation of the power of creativity against the tedium, soullessness or terror that at one time or another afflicts our lives and cities’. His Notting Hill StoriesCarnival Figures and Carnival Elephant were installed at Notting Hill Gate, London, in 1970.

Bibliography: Ayyam Gallery – Artists: Nadim Karam; T. Cavanagh, Public Sculpture of Kensington and Chelsea with Westminster South-West, Watford, 2023, pp. 241–42; Nadim Karam website; City of Melbourne – City Collection.

Terry Cavanagh November 2022

Karam, Nadim

Nadim Karam, 2012 (photo: Martinekiwan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)