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Shona Kinloch (b. 1962)

Figurative sculptor and animalier, born in Glasgow, and now living in East Kilbride. As a sculpture student at Glasgow School of Art (1980–85) she became ‘interested in the formal implications of anatomical exaggeration’, citing Aristide Maillol, Frank Dobson and Marino Marini as key influences. Since the installation of her first permanent public work in bronze, Thinking of Bella, in the Italian Centre, Glasgow, in 1990, she has contributed figure and animal sculptures to regeneration projects in towns throughout Scotland, including Kilmarnock (Kilmarnock Swimmers, Twa Dogs and Binmen, 1995), East Kilbride (Charming, 1996), and Hamilton (The Square Stars, 1998), as well as major works in towns elsewhere in the UK, such as Loughborough (The Sock, 1998) and Morecambe (Seagulls, 1999). In 2002 she embarked on an extended collaboration with the cruise company Royal Caribbean International, producing bronze pool-side and deck sculptures for liners such as MS Navigator of the Seas, most of them, like Sheepshape and Tartan Fashion, exploiting the sculptor’s trademark whimsical humour. Kinloch has received numerous prestigious awards, including one from the Saltire Society (1992) and one from the Association of Landscape Industries (1999).

Principal source: CV provided by the artist.

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