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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Livingstone Art Founders, Kent

Sculpture foundry established by Wally Livingstone in the mid-1960s, based since 1985 in Matfield, Tonbridge, Kent. Public sculptures include Ian Walters’ Memorial to the International Brigade, Jubilee Gardens, London, 1985; Mo Farquharson’s The Miners, 1996, Hamilton, Lanarkshire; André Wallace’s Helmsman, 1996, Pimlico Gardens, London; David Barnes’s Hands and Molecule, 2000, Ramsgate; and Sam Holland’s Coxswain Richard ‘Dic’ Evans, 2004, Moelfre, Isle of Anglesey.

Bibliography: T. Cavanagh, Public Sculpture of Kensington and Chelsea with Westminster South-West, Watford, 2023, p. 461; T. Cavanagh, Public Sculpture of South London, Liverpool, 2007, pp. 82, 84; Livingstone Art Founders website.

Terry Cavanagh November 2022