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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Jonathan Loxley (b. 1960)

Sculptor of abstract forms in stone and marble. He attended Epsom School of Art and Design and, from 1979 to 1981, studied marble carving in Florence. He initially found work creating sculptures for film and theatre sets, but after about four years, decided to become a professional sculptor and devote his life to producing works of greater permanency. In 1989, he established a studio in Carrara, returning to the UK after about nine years. His Tonda, Iranian honey onyx, 2014, is in Holland Park, London. He currently lives and works at Dean Hill Park, Wiltshire.

Bibliography: T. Cavanagh, Public Sculpture of Kensington and Chelsea with Westminster South-West, Watford, 2023, pp. 180–81; Jonathan Loxley website; The Sculpture Park, Farnham, Surrey.

Terry Cavanagh November 2022