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Edward Strong II (1676–1741)

Son of Edward Strong I, one of the chief mason-contractors for the rebuilding of the City of London after the Great Fire of 1666. He was apprenticed to his father and became free of the Masons’ Company in 1698. In the same year he travelled through France, Italy and Holland with Christopher Wren, son of the architect. Strong worked with his father at St Paul’s, Greenwich Hospital, and at Blenheim Palace. In 1706 he began to build the lantern of St Paul’s dome on his own account. Strong worked on a number of Wren’s City churches, and following the ‘Fifty New Churches’ Act of 1711, he acted as mason for Nicholas Hawksmoor and Thomas Archer. In 1715, he and his father were working for the Duke of Chandos at Canons, in the period when James Gibbs was architect there.

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Philip Ward-Jackson, 2003