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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Thomas Tyrrell (1857–1928)

He trained first at the South London Technical Art School (SLTAS) in Kennington, entering the Royal Academy Schools in 1884. Between 1884 and 1928, he exhibited at the Royal Academy. A number of his pieces have fanciful titles, such as The Whisper, Solitude, A Sea Nymph, etc. Around 1894 he appears to have been employed by the firm of Farmer & Brindley, his work for them including an Atlas with Globe in stone over the entrance to the Atlas Assurance Building, King Street, City of London. In 1895 he succeeded W.S. Frith as modelling instructor at the SLTAS. He executed for the architect A. Beresford Pite the two powerfully modelled caryatids (1896–97), flanking the second-floor window of 82 Mortimer Street, London. Tyrrell was a member of the Society (later Royal Society) of British Sculptors from 1906.

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