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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Stanley Wilson (b. 1937)

Sculptor. Born in Douglas, Lanarkshire, but living since his childhood in Edinburgh, he worked as a professional musician from 1961 to 1964, and as an engineer from 1968 until he enrolled as a full-time student at Edinburgh College of Art in 1988. He graduated with a BA in sculpture from Heriot-Watt University in 1992, and in the same year was appointed by the university as its consultant for sculpture design, a post devised to mark the completion of its twenty-one-year building programme on the Riccarton campus.

Bibliography: Heriot-Watt University Bulletin, vol. 26, no. 14, 13 October 1992; R. McKenzie, Public Sculpture of Edinburgh (2 vols), Liverpool, 2018, vol. 1, pp. 23–24, vol. 2, p. 498.

Ray McKenzie 2018