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Public Statues and Sculpture Association


Photo: Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

Sculptor: Neal French

Materials: Bronze

Unveiled: 2012 by Twiggy


Twiggy (b.1949) This public sculpture, titled Grosvenor Group, is a realistic scene in which a passing shopper comes across Terence Donovan photographing the model Twiggy near to his Mayfair studio. Twiggy is depicted as she posed in a famous shot taken by Donovan in the swinging 60s wearing a moiré taffeta waistcoat and skirt designed by Mary Quant’s Ginger Group. In fact though Donovan did not move into his Bourdon Street studio until the late 1970s, at the time this shot was actually taken in the 1960s Donovan was still at his Yeoman’s Row studio in Knightsbridge. The bronze sculpture was unveiled in 2012. It was commissioned by Grosvenor Estates to mark the opening of their new building on Grosvenor Hill.

Location: Outside  Bourdon House, Mayfair, London SW1.