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Ada Salter

Photo: AndyScott Wikimedia Commons

Sculptor: Diana Gorvin (b.1956)

Materials: Bronze

Unveiled: 30 November 2014

Ada Salter

Ada Salter (1866-1942) was a social reformer, pacifist and environmentalist.  She was President of the Women’s Labour League and President of the National Gardens Guild. She was one of the first women councillors in London, first woman mayor in London, and first Labour woman mayor in the British Isles. Her statue which forms part of a sculptural bronze group, Dr. Salter’s Daydream, comprising the whole Salter family was unveiled on 30 November 2014. It replaced a previous group, of the same title also by Gorvin made for London Docklands in 1991. The statue of Dr. Salter, which was stolen from the earlier group in 2011, did not include a statue of Ada, but she is present in the new sculpture. This represents Alfred Salter in his old age sitting imagining happier times watching his wife, Ada, his daughter Joyce, who died at the age of eight and her cat. This replacement sculpture was erected by the Salter Campaign Group and Southwark Council.

Location: Bermondsey Wall East, Cherry Gardens, London SE16.