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Amy Johnson CBE

Photo: © Copyright Jennifer Petrie from

Sculptor: Stephen Melton (b.1964)

Materials: Bronze

Unveiled: 30 September 2016 by Maureen Lipman, whose mother was born in the same road as Amy.

Amy Johnson CBE

Amy Johnson CBE (1903-1941), pioneering aviator, first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. The statue, a life-size bronze, was commissioned by the Amy Johnson Herne Bay Project, Amy Johnson Festival and Keepmoat to mark the 75th anniversary of her tragic death. It forms the focal point of Keepmoat’s housing development at Hawthorne Avenue, Hull. Amy Johnson was born in St George’s Road close by.

There is an identical cast at Herne Bay, Kent. This statue differs only in the quotations inscribed on it. One taken from her autobiography reads, ‘Had I been a man, I might have explored the Poles or climbed Mount Everest, but as it was, my spirit found outlet in the air.’

Location: Hawthorne Avenue, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire.