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Clementine Churchill

Photo: Gaius Cornelius Wikimedia Commons

Sculptor: Oscar Nemon (1906-1985)

Unveiled: 13 November 1990 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Clementine Churchill

Clementine Churchill, Baroness Spencer-Churchill GBE(1885–1977), the wife of Sir Winston Churchill (1874–1965) was a life peer in her own right. Their marriage was close in spite of the stress of politics. The sculptor of this work, Oscar Nemon, is known for his series of sculptures of Sir Winston and both the Churchills admired his talent for portraiture. The wording around its base records that it was ‘Presented by Contributors to the Churchill Statue Fund to mark the 50th Anniversary of his becoming Prime Minister in 1940 and the 25th Anniversary of his death.

Location: Chartwell, Kent.