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Photo: Cwmcafit, CC By-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sculptor: Sebastien Boyesen

Materials: Bronze

Unveiled: 10th June 2023


Sarah Jane Rees (1839–1916) known by her bardic name Cranogwen was an inspirational figure, who was born in Llangrannog, Wales.  Following in her father’s footsteps she qualified as a Master Marine, but she had many strings to her bow  and was appointed head teacher at her village school at the age of 21.  Cranogwen was  also a celebrated poet.  In 1865  she was the first woman to win the Crown for poetry at the Aberystwyth National Eisteddfod of Wales with her satirical poem ‘Y Fodrwy Briodasol’ (The Wedding Ring).  A volume of her poems, Caniadau Cranogwen, was published in 1870. She was editor of Y Frythones, a Welsh-language women’s magazine which supported girls’ education and women’s literary work. She preached, campaigned and lectured on temperance, and the detrimental effects of alcohol on women’s lives.  She was an advocate for women’s rights. This statue stands in the community gardens nearby St Crannog’s Church, Llangrannog where Cranogwen is buried.



Location: Llangrannog, Ceredigion, Wales