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Florence Nightingale

Sculptor: Unknown

Materials: Marble

Dimensions: h.92cm. (approx.)

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), social reformer, celebrated for her nursing work and management during the Crimean War. She was the founder of modern nursing and instituted nurses’ training. She was active in Scotland. The director of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary asked Nightingale to get him trained nurses, which she did. Professional nursing in Glasgow Royal Infirmary started with Rebecca Strong, a ‘Nightingale nurse’, who had trained at St. Thomas’ Hospital and became Matron of the Infirmary. Nightingale’s part in providing trained nurses for the Infirmary is acknowledged by this marble statuette of her in the foyer donated by Rebecca Strong.

Location: Foyer of north entrance of the Templeton Block, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scotland.