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Florence Nightingale

Photo: ChrisO Wikimedia Commons

Sculptor: Arthur George Walker (1861–1939)

Architect: T.H. Wyatt (designer of pedestal)

Founder: G. Fiorini

Materials: Statue and reliefs: Bronze; Pedestal: red granite

Unveiled: 24 February 1915

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), social reformer, celebrated for her nursing work and management during the Crimean War. She was the founder of modern nursing and instituted nurses’ training, particularly at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, which houses her Museum. The idea for this memorial statue was promoted by St. Thomas’ Hospital. She is depicted as the ‘Lady with the Lamp’, walking through the wards of the Scutari Hospital, with her famous lamp in her hand. The statue is bronze, on a pedestal of polished and unpolished red granite. It was unveiled on 24 February 1915 and is listed Grade II. There is a copy of this statue by Victor Tozer inside St. Thomas’ Hospital. For full description and discussion see Philip Ward-Jackson, Public Sculpture of Historic Westminster, vol. 1, LUP 2011, pp. 401-03.

Location: Waterloo Place, London SW1.