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Isabella Elder

Photo: LesleyMitchell CC BY-SA 4.0

Sculptor: Archibald McFarlane Shannan (1850-1915); Granite cutters (to Shannan's patterns) DH & J. Newall of Dalbeattie

Founder: J.W. Singer & Sons, Frome, Dorset

Materials: Bronze figure on granite plinth

Unveiled: 13 October 1906

Isabella Elder

Isabella Elder (1828-1905) was a benefactress and philanthropist, who promoted education, especially among women and was concerned with the welfare of the people of Govan. She built the Elder Free Library, a School of Domestic Economy, the Cottage Hospital and a Nurses’ Training Home. She also created Elder Park, where this statue is sited. The seated statue, which depicts Elder in academic robes, was erected in 1906 by public subscription. It is very rare to find a statue to a non-royal woman at this period.

Location: Elder Park, Govan, Glasgow, Scotland.