Public Sculpture of Edinburgh Vol. 1: The Old Town and South Edinburgh

By Ray McKenzie
ISBN: 978-1-78694-110-7 (softback)



This twentieth volume in the Public Sculpture of Britain series, Public Sculpture of Edinburgh vol 1. by Ray McKenzie with research by Dianne King and Tracy Smith, was published by Liverpool University Press in association with the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association. Edinburgh, where the richness of its history as a capital city, and the dramatic power of its urban topography, have combined to create a uniquely fertile breeding ground for public sculpture of every kind. Edinburgh is divided between two volumes; this one recording the public sculpture in the historic Old Town and the suburbs to the south and vol. 2 covering the New Town, Leith and the outer suburbs.

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Ray McKenzie


978-1-78694-110-7 (softback)