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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

John Broad (c.1858–1919)

Modeller, based in Wandsworth, principally producing figures, monuments and terracotta ware. He joined Doulton & Co in 1873, firstly as an assistant to George Tinworth, remaining there throughout his working life. He also studied at Lambeth School of Art and afterwards at the Royal Academy Schools where, in 1882, he won a silver medal for a model of a figure from the life. In 1888, he modelled a group representing India and a statue of Queen Victoria for Doulton’s Victoria Fountain in Glasgow. When in 1894 the Victoria statue was destroyed by lightning, Henry Doulton, at his own expense, had Broad make a new model for Glasgow Corporation. Whereas the first had been a unique cast, this second was a multiple edition, with one cast going to Gravesend, 1897–98, and another being erected outside Doulton’s Lambeth offices, Albert Embankment, 1899 (removed 1910 to make way for road alterations and subsequently broken up). Also for Doulton was his statue of General Gordon, for Gravesend, 1893; decorative reliefs, including spandrels of ‘Night’ and ‘Day’, over the entrance to R.W. Edis’s Hotel Great Central (now The Landmark Hotel), Marylebone Road, 1897–99; and the tympanum relief for Harrods, Brompton Road, c.1905. Examples of his works were shown at Arts and Crafts exhibitions, London, 1890, 1891 and 1910, the Chicago World Fair, 1893, and the Royal Academy, 1890–1900.

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Terry Cavanagh November 2022