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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Before his retirement in 2004, Philip worked in the Conway Library of the Courtauld Institute. His PhD thesis (1970) was on J.-K. Huysmans and the Visual Arts, but in the Conway he was responsible for photographic records of sculpture (4th century BC to the present)  and architecture and design (1800 to the present). Before the Courtauld, he had studied at St Martin’s School of Art, and still draws and paints. In the course of his career he developed photographic skills, which are now largely redundant in the digital age, but whose results can still be seen online (The Courtauld’s Art and Architecture website). He has contributed two volumes, Public Sculpture of the City of London (2003) and Public Sculpture of Historic Westminster (2011) to the PMSA (now the PSSA)’s National Recording Project, and has written many articles chiefly on sculptors from mainland Europe working in 19th century Britain.