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© the artist’s estate. Photo: Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.00

Sculptor: Betty Rea (1904-1965)

Materials: Bronze

Dimensions: h. 150cm.

Unveiled: 1975 by Sir Thomas Monnington, President of the Royal Academy.


Kore, the Greek for ‘maiden’, is today used as a term to describe an Archaic period free-standing ancient Greek sculpture depicting a young female. Rea has borrowed the term to title this modern-day maiden. The real life teenager is skilfully captured by the sculptor, who conveys languid teen boredom tinged perhaps with a hint of irritation. The statue was first modelled in 1963 and this bronze cast dates from 1973. It was purchased in 1975 by the Harlow Art Trust and Harlow Development Corporation for Old Harlow to celebrate the European Council Architectural Heritage Award for Old Harlow.

Location: High Street, Harlow, Essex.