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Public Statues and Sculpture Association

Sculptor: Gilbert Ledward (1888-1960)

Founder: Morris Art Bronze Foundry

Materials: Statue in bronze; pedestal in cement

Dimensions: Statue h. 1.83cm

Signed and dated: G. Ledward

Listed: Grade II (1468320)18.8.2020


Location: Roper's Gardens, Chelsea Embankment, SW3

Sculptor: David Norris (b. 1940)

Materials: Bronze

Dimensions: h. 1.95m

Erected: 1983

Mother and Child

Location: Great Portland Street, London

Sculptor: Emilio Greco (1913-1995)

Architect: Luca Clavarino

Materials: Sculpture in bronze; fountain in Portland stone, lined with mosaic

Dimensions: Statue h. 127cm, fountain bowl h. 124cm, approx diam. 3m

Signed and dated: EMILIO GRECO

Unveiled: 20 November 1987

Large Crouching Figure

Location: Carlos Place (junction with Mount Street), London

Sculptor: Enzo Plazzotta (1921-1981)

Founder: Burleighfield

Materials: Bronze

Dimensions: h. 152cm.

Unveiled: 16.5.1988

Young Dancer

Sculptor: Alexander Munro (1825-1871)

Materials: Figure of nymph in Carrara marble; pedestal and fountain bowls in red granite

Dimensions: Figure h. 2.15m.

Inscription: On granite base: THE GIFT/OF/HENRY 3RD MARQUIS OF LANSDOWNE

Erected: 1867

Listed: Grade II (1066430) 1.12.1987

Fountain Nymph

The Spirit of Freedom

Location: Quuen Street Junction of thre Avenue & St.Paul's Road, Newton Abbot, Devon

Sculptor: Ian Walters (1930-2006), completed by Aleix Barbat

Materials: Bronze

Unveiled: 8 October 2008

Bronze Woman

Location: Stockwell Memorial Garden, London SW9

Sculptor: Joseph Hillier

Founder: Castle Fine Arts Foundry

Materials: Bronze (lost wax cast)

Unveiled: 22 March 2019


Location: Outside Theatre Royal Plymouth, Plymouth Parade

Sculptor: Tom Price

Materials: Silicon bronze

Unveiled: 5 August 2020

Reaching Out

Location: The Line (public art walk), Three Mills Green, Stratford, London

Sculptor: Emma Stothard

The Herring Girls

Location: The Whitby Sculpture Trail